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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Did I miss the meme machine memo?

Most every blog I view is working “woo” into the brew:

What gives here? Terms like “pseudoscience,” “quackery,” and “mysticism” going out of style? Has the single-syllabification which afflicted the legacy media years ago now striking even the best and brightest of the blog-o-sphere?

FYI: “Woo” is authoritatively defined at the Skeptic’s Dictionary.


Atheist Okie said...

I thinks it's a TAM/skeptic thing that's making the rounds. Think about all the Christianese lingo.

agnostiChicagOkie said...

I know how the Xn lingo spreads - top down from the shepard to the sheeple. Evidently the freethinkers are also little meme machines. Not necessarily a Bad Thing (TM) but it is worth noting.