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Saturday, July 12, 2008

That Infamous Engine of Grief (III)

Wasn't so long ago (only three or four generations back) when the local churches satisfied themselves with symbolic homages to death by torture which were only seven bricks across!

Now that's a far cry from our more modern emphasis on great monuments which can be easily seen for many miles in any direction. Why the churches have turned the volume up so much of late?


Atheist Okie said...

Why are churches turning up the volume?

Because obviously we heathen have had our hearing go bad due to the devil's music like Marilyn Manson so they must shout loud enough for us to hear.

And our eyes have gone bad from spilling the seed we do from having ungodly sexual morals.

And they wouldn't be a true Servant(TM) of Jeebus if they didn't try to have the largest free-standing man-made phallus in the shape of a cross to prove just how much they love him.

Feed the hungry? Bullshit, use that money to build monuments!

agnostiChicagOkie said...

Feeding the hungry only works for a few hours, anyway. Massive monuments last until the next F-5 comes through. Given our public piety, what are the odds that an "act of god" would smite our fair village?