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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

That Infamous Engine of Grief (Part II)

Here stands another great homage to an ancient engine of grief, keeping watch over the east side of town some 8¼ miles across town (as the crow flies) from our other great cross.

As it turns out, the background story behind this particular cross is rather more Machiavellian than one might have reasonably supposed. City council intrigue and church electioneering, and other such antics at the crossroads between church and state, that is, Interstate-35 and Old Route 66.

p.s. A shiny new John Adams dollar to whomever digs up the "engine of grief" quote in its original manuscript form. Thanks!


Atheist Okie said...

Is this the one off of I-35 and E. 2nd St. in Edmond?

agnostiChicagOkie said...

The very same. Old Rt-66 overlays Edmond road at that point, and on into Edmond proper until you reach Broadway. Click the "here stands" link for a map.

ERV said...


My dad drove me down to OK from NE to look for apartments (its an 8 hour drive with literally nothing to look at except the occasional tree).

When we cruised past that big ass cross, Dad was like "Welcome to fucking Oklahoma! ROFL!"


I dont hate crosses, but I hate that cross.

agnostiChicagOkie said...

Your dad actually said "ROFL!" out loud? Damn he is so Web 2.0. My Dad is still pining for the 19th century.