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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#AtheismPlus - Plus!

I'm as excited as ever to see the community of unbelief engaging in yet another round of rebranding and rescoping itself. Not wanting to be left out in the cold, I've gazed deeply into my navel and come up with my own plan to build up the community using a bold new brand.

Since organized Atheists are the ones leading the charge, we'll put them at the front of the list.

Since atheism is essentially the result of skepticism applied to theism in particular, we'll put Skeptics next in line. Atheists are in an optimal position to learn how to apply critical thinking to all areas of life, having already worked through the more obvious fairy tales.

Lack of belief in god(s) also frees us up to reconceptualize our ethical framework from obeying divine dictates to reasoning for ourselves based on human needs and values. Hence, Secular Humanists must be included in the new big tent.

Finally, we should include the Anti-Theists, who go beyond passive unbelief to put themselves out there, doing the difficult and often thankless work of handing out red pills and freeing minds from the shackles of theistic dogma.

And, in line with the current thinking, we'll put a plus (+) sign at the end to indicate that we can add political causes on to our ever expanding big tent. So the final result will look like this:
Atheists, Skeptics, Secular Humanists, Anti-Theists, PLUS [selected political causes]

or just ASSHAT+ for short.

For SMS and Twitter purposes, it may be shortened even further: 3Þ+

Now, go forth and rebrand! Don't forget to stir up massive internet kerfuffles over which particular political causes are worthy of inclusion as we move forward and purge the non-progressives among from our ranks.


Anonymous said...

Just commenting as the acronym gave me a chuckle.

Would read again.

Chas said...

A+ is great for dividing up a tiny fraction of our nation's population (non-believers) in to even smaller factions so that great social justice causes can be advocated for and accomplished. What's your problem man?

Abbie said...

This is just ridiculously hostile. Nobody is trying to split the atheist movement. It's naturally diverging. Libertarians and progressives only share so many values, and it seems atheism isn't enough of a hook to hold us together. I think this is a good turn of events. Atheism has grown too big for its britches and is speciating. We can work on our divergent goals and come together on shared goals.

intepid said...

Progressives are sick of being told that atheism and skepticism are separate from politics and ideology, so they're trying to create their own branch. That's the opposite of a big tent policy, because it narrows the scope rather than broadens it. For yuks you could refer to it as "the ever-shrinking tent".

Yes it's a stupid name and a stupid logo and whoever snagged the twitter handle is either a Poe or an idiot, and Richard Carrier is doing more damage to their cause than any critic so far.

I'm wishing they'd just chosen to identify as Progressive Atheists and have forums, meetups etc under that banner.

Anonymous said...

That would make me sad, intrepid, as I am a progressive.

I am progressive, but that does not mean I am blind to the groupthink that happens in places such as FtB, and will not take part in any group that is another extension of their groupthink.

When real criticism is countered with name calling (misogynist, rape apologist, etc...), debate is ended so the groupthinkers can feel they won.