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Sunday, September 9, 2012

#AtheismPlus vs. #Skepticism

The founders of A+ have claimed that skepticism will be one of their foundational principles. Let's look at what happens when one of the A+ advocates is challenged to provide facts to back up their paranoid claims:

What I love about this exchange is how fully it recapitulates so many of my experiences talking to A-plussers. 

Me: I am skeptical about some of your claims.
Them: What, you doubt that [given form of bigotry] is real?
Me: No, just this one hyperbolic claim that you made, right here.

Wow, just wow. This right here is why some skeptics doubt whether plussers are a plus to our movement.


Abbie said...

I think he was just being hyperbolic. If his point was that there is islamophobia in the atheist community, he's dead on. *cough*samharris*cough*.

Damion said...

An honest skeptic would own up to being hyperbolic.

Steve Vanden-Eykel said...

My objection is the absurdity of thinking there's any kind of equivalence between thinking Muslims should be shot, and thinking it's OK to speak to women in elevators.