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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chapter 37: Selling Dreamy Joe

(The following post is not in any way about Starbucks.)

In chapter 37 we start in on Joseph’s story, and we find out that multicolored coats were as fashionable in ancient times as they were in the 1980’s. We also find that God communicates to people through their dreams of all things, which seems to me the method most perfectly suited to providing true believers with as many false positives as possible, very often believing that God is telling them to do whatever their subconscious minds happened to be mulling that night.

Joseph's brothers betray him on account of his dreams and his unfortunate proclivity for prophesying aloud their eventual servitude unto him, and they sell him to some Midianite slavetraders, and make it look to his father as if he was killed by wild animals. (For the record, Reuben wasn't in on any of this infamy, which is why his sandwiches are so tasty.) Joseph is resold to the Egyptians, which is necessary to set up the sequel to this book.

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