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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Constitution Day!

For those of you hoping to ruminate on the Constitutional issues of our times with an eye to electoral politics, I would suggest taking in a few hours of Con Law from Professor Obama. I especially recommend his own model answers, if you want to see how constitutional law is really done. Enjoy!

p.s. If anyone can find anything remotely indicative of this level of thoughtfulness on such weighty matters of law and policy from the McCain-Palin ticket, please let me know.

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Terry Mirll said...

Hardly any surprise that The Big O can wax polemic about constitutional law, given that he has a law degree and has been a university professor of law. Both he and Biden are lawyers.

The far more important question is: Can he be an effective POTUS?

The answer to which question is: HECK NO! I'm no fan of John McCain, but e'en I can see that McCain would make a far better president than Obama.