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Friday, June 20, 2008

Naturalism to supernaturalism - for kids!

We've become so jaded by evangelicals engaging in anti-scientific and pseudo-scientific activism that I was genuinely shocked to see a pro-science approach used as a pedagogical device in attempting to turn children on to the joys of the Bible.

This phenomenon must be observed to be believed:

Yes, that is an actual microscope center-left, and yes, there are kiddie-friendly experiments all around, the sorts of DIY science demos that I loved to do as a kid.

So the big concept here is to get the kids into the idea of learning about nature and how it works, then sell them on the Big Guy who makes (and breaks) the Laws of Nature. Clever ruse, if ever I've seen one.

Quick, get 'em while they're too young to think for themselves!

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Anonymous said...

The sign in the foreground seems very appropriate!