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Monday, October 1, 2012

Farewell to the Agnostic Popular Front

I'm shutting down the APF blog, for now, for very good reasons . I was never much of an agnostic, none too popular, and never part of a front. Really, I just liked the sound of the name, as an homage to a certain punk band and a certain band of Judean revolutionaries.

If you're wondering whether I've been run off by vicious trolls, fear not! Soon I'll be blogging under a new name and on a new platform. Details forthcoming later this week.

[Later that week...]

I have moved to my new home online at

It will be way more exciting than this old blog, because I'm way more excited about it. Also, I'll have a variety of interesting people off of which to bounce various uninteresting ideas. Not to mention that Wordpress totally kicks ass. Hope to see you over there!

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Chas said...

On your new blog, will you still post at 420 PM?