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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sexism vs. Atheism at FtB

Since sexism has become such a hugely popular topic within the broader freethought community, and since FreethoughtBlogs has become the proverbial 275 kilo Architeuthis of online unbelief, it seems fitting to get a sense of which FtB authors cover sexism the most often relative to some given baseline. The following list of the top dozen blogs is rough approximation based on comparing only two search terms, however, there are very few surprises here.

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Greg said...

On my various blogs I talk a lot about atheism. But the term "atheism" was so infrequently used (in comments) that I used it as a filter. Almost all comments with "atheist" or "atheism" were from Dave Mabus/Dennis Markuzi, which made it very easy to filter him out.

I would suggest a different set of search terms, includin the ones you used. Feminism, sexual harassment, godlessness, unbelief, etc. etc.

It would not change the results a lot, but it would change them.

One of the problems of course is how the words are used. "There is a lot of sexism in the african american community but bla bla bla" vs. "This blog post is about sexism" ... you get the point .