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Monday, February 7, 2011

Leviticus 1:1-5:26 (Vayikra)

In this part of the Holy Bible, we learn that divine command theory and ethical veganism just don't mix. God just loves the aroma of roasting meat, as do His priests, who are appointed the self-gratifying task of having to consume much of the sacrifices. I'd be far more impressed if God just ate the sacrifices Himself. As it is, this looks a lot like a program created by the priests for their own sake, rather than a divinely inspired commentary on the need for personal atonement.
Moreover, it is here that we learn that the more senseless laws that the Levitical class lays down, the more sin and guilt offerings they can expect to be brought to them as sacrifices to God. This might help explain why we will see many hundreds of "divinely revealed" laws in the books to come. From the perspective of the preisthood, the more laws you break, the more bread we take.

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Just.thinking said...

I've been reading along with you guys and my thought just was... God really likes barbeque! I am actually listening to the NIV audio version,with sound effects. BTW.. your podcast Atheist Scripture Study #001 is very informative.