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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Christians taking action

Here follows a relatively brief and concise history of the direct-action tip of the Christian right-wing movement to end abortion in America.

1993 – Dr. David Gunn murdered on March 10th by Michael Griffin, the first pro-life assassin. A few months later, Oklahoma City plays host to the direct action wing of the anti-abortion movement at a national conference sponsored by Rescue America. On June 18th, the publisher of Life Advocate magazine, Andrew Burnett, told the attendees that he used to believe that Dr. Gunn’s death “shouldn’t have happened” but now believes that “People should be willing to take a life to defend another.” He went on, “You're willing to shoot someone to defend your daughter. We shouldn't be horrified if someone does something to defend a life. We should be willing to defend the life of another person if it means damage to property or injury to someone else.” Burnett also said, “I’m not sure that we can really say that ‘Abortion is Murder,’ and at the same time react in horror when a person who is about to murder someone else is not able to do that anymore because of whatever means was necessary to stop that person.” Later that summer, Rev. Paul Hill circulates a statement that the use of lethal force against doctors is “justifiable provided it was carried out for the purpose of defending the lives of unborn children” which is signed by the publishers of both Life Advocate and Prayer and Action newsletters.

1994 - Paul Hill and John Salvi murder health care workers at abortion clinics in Florida and Massasschusettesss. Both men cite to Scripture and faith as among their primary motivations, but Salvi takes it a step further, claiming that "he is part of a special group of individuals which he refers to as an apostleship that exists within the community and that will lead the Catholic people out of their current state."

1996 – Prayer and Action publishes instructions on how to bomb buildings. On April 17th, Scott Roeder is charged with criminal use of explosives on account of the bomb parts found in his car. He is later given a suspended sentence and paroled on the condition that he “not associate with persons or groups advocating violence and disregard or disrespect of laws of Kansas or involved in manufacturing of bombs.”

Late 1990’s – Life Advocate and Prayer and Action newsletters continue to “publish articles debating the use of violence” and “function as sort of an underground press for those attracted in some way to the justifiable homicide view.” Many articles provide arguments favoring the use of lethal force.

1998 - James Kopp and Eric Rudolph murder health care workers in order to stop abortion.

2009 - After a long hiatus in anti-abortion terrorism, Scott Roeder murders Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, KS.


Rhology said...

Wow! All of 8 or so actions, in 26 years. Seriously, try not to bowl me over with an overflow of information next time.

And how many babies have died in that time?
Do you really think that partial-birth abortion is not baby-murder? And that there have been a few more than 8 of those performed in the USA in 26 yrs?

You need a serious correction in perspective and priority.

NAL said...


Do you really think that partial-birth abortion is not baby-murder?

If right-to-lifers really thought that PBA was baby-murder, then where's their advocacy for charging the women as an accessory to murder?


Rhology said...

That would be pretty impractical.
I'd say the pro-life mvmt would be much better off charging the aborticians as murderers and go from there.