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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clasping hands (if you've got them)

I know the perfect prayer for demonstrating the unquestioned divine power of whomever those calling themselves TheCall believe they are ringing up:

"Lord, heal our amputees!"

As it happens, American evangelicals strongly supported Gulf War II, and so it is only fitting that they should use their influence with the Creator of the Cosmos to help ameliorate some of its consequences.

So, Lou Engle, if you really believe “There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens” why don’t you prove it by opening wide the handicap accessible doors? Show us what your God can really do! I will personally repent and become an itinerant evangelist if only you can get God to grow back a few dozen limbs. It’s not much to ask, just a few veracious and verifiable miracles.

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